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Understanding Medicare inside and out

Medicare can be just as confusing as private insurance, as there are various types with various rules, coverage areas, and prescription plans. When you're reaching retirement age, you're entitled to Medicare by law, even if you chose to work past retirement, call Frans Visser Insurance and I will explain your options.

Don't miss out on getting supplemental Medicare that can help you save money and keep you healthy. One reason so many people don't have this valuable plan is due to how confusing it is. We are here to alleviate any confusion and talk you through any and all details so you can decide what plan works for you.

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At the locally-owned Frans Visser Insurance, you'll find the knowledge, care, and compassion you need to get you through the health coverage process. Call us for FREE advice and feel healthy and financially sound today.

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Changes in Medicare

  • Does Healthcare Reform affect my Medicare benefits?  No, HCR affects most pre-65 individuals, though.

  • For the most part, rates for parts A and B will remain the same, Part A is free and Part B is $134 each month, if one's earned 40 quarter credits over their working lifetime. If a beneficiary is under 40 quarter credits, then the rate will be the number of the quarter credits earned times as multiple of some number determined by CMS. Couple households earning above $170,000 the rate is about $149 per beneficiary.

  • Acute care will be enhanced which is an inpatient benefit and also the inpatient psychiatric has improved

  • There will be a moratorium on long term care hospital reimbursements next year and overall there will be a reduction.


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